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Ornamental Plant Care Service

Ornamental Plant Care Services for Maryland

Bright Water understands you have made a considerable investment in your ornamental landscape plantings. Bright Water offers ornamental plant care services to help protect your landscape from damaging pest problems including insect and disease issues. We provide treatments for small trees and shrubs as well as targeted injections for larger trees (Mauget Injections).

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Landscape Weed Management for Maryland

Nobody like to see a lot of weeds taking over their beds so Bright Water offers a bed weed management service to help greatly reduce the weed populations in your landscape beds and mulched areas, pavers, sidewalks, gravel areas, etc.

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Other Services for Maryland

Brightwater may be able to help you with an existing lawn or landscape problem not listed in our services, or point you in the right direction. Please call us to discuss your problem to see if we have a solution.

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*We do not offer maintenance services including grass cutting, mulching or other related landscape services. We can offer you referrals to other industry professionals that offer these types of services.

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